The Chapters

Up until 2019, Widows Sons Scotland existed as a single unified body governing the whole of Scotland. Due to the continued growth and expansion of the membership it was necessary to restructure the association to allow for further evolution. Scotland was henceforth divided into 3 geographical chapters, North, East & West

Additionally in 2019 Widows Sons Scotland embarked on an exciting new phase of our evolution and began issuing Charters Internationally after being approached by our brothers abroad. We now have Chapters established in Sweden & Norway with several other countries in the process of forming chapters under the auspices of Widows Sons Scotland giving us a truly worldwide presence.

Each Chapter has its own President, Vice President, Wardens and Road Marshalls, with it’s Presidents & Vice Presidents forming Part of the Executive Committee of the Widows Sons Scotland.

The Approximate geographical coverage of each chapter is detailed below where each chapter covers specific Grand Lodge provinces, these are listed under each chapters page.

Even though you reside in one area, you can still opt to be part of a different chapter should you wish, the geographical boundaries are only to define the border of the chapter and assist in best placement for Members  – We are all one family united in harmony. 

More Information can be found under each regional & International chapters page.

Information on Each Chapter can be found at :-

Widows Sons Scotland – North Chapter

Widows Sons Scotland – East Chapter

Widows Sons Scotland – West Chapter