This is How it Began

The first ever meeting was held on a cold night in March 2004,  the meeting place was the thistle hotel at Aberdeen airport. Present were Andy Rankin, Bill Barclay & Andy Ritchie.

This meeting would be the birth of the Widows Sons Motorcyle Association in Scotland,  Andy Rankin had an idea taken from the Widows Sons in the USA to form a chapter in Scotland, joining freemasons who rode motorcycles. At the same time other motorcycle riding Brothers throughout Scotland were thinking along similar lines.

The first ever ride out and official meeting took place in June 2005 present were Andy Reed, Stevie Collins , Bill Barclay, Dunk Scott, Angus Park, Mike Coleman & Andy Rankin who had gathered at isle of Skye hotel perth.


First Meeting and Ride Out

It was decided to make Andy Rankin the President. There were subsequent meetings carried out once a month with the Isle of Skye the meeting point and then a ride out was decided.

The next members to join were Ian Rennie and several others. Andy Rankin held the presidents post for 5 years.

In that time the membership had grown.

Andy made Ian Rennie, Angus Park and Stevie Collins Founding members for their work within the Association.

Andy did this as a thank you for all the support they had given to growing the association and helping steer the club towards growing in numbers.

Stevie Collins was made president, shortly followed by Ian Rennie then Angus Park.

Jimmy Mair was Installed as President in 2018 and would be the Last to serve as a National President before restructuring into regional chapters.

Sadly in 2014 Stevie Collins died from a long battle with cancer.

In 2015 a milestone was reached and we proudly celebrated our official 10 years Anniversary.

In 2019, Widows Sons Scotland formally joined The International Alliance 

Currently at the time of writing this the membership had grown from 7 to over 120 from all parts of Scotland and all walks of life.