About Us

About the Widows Sons Scotland

The Widows Sons is quite simply a ‘non brand specific’ motorcycle-riding association for Freemasons, There are Widows Sons Chapters in various locations throughout the globe and Widows Sons Scotland (WSS) oversee’s the various chapters both within and outwith Scotland operating under the Scottish Jurisdiction. If you are a Master Mason with a motorcycle in good standing with your Lodge we would like to hear from you and look forward to meeting and riding with you. 

We do not intend to speak for or represent any Masonic body. We simply want to share our passion for riding with all other Masons who ride, have some fun while we do it and raise money for both Local & National charities. 

Our name, The Widows Sons, comes from certain aspects of our Fraternity and is not intended to install fear or appear threatening in any way, we are not a 1% club, MC or MCC but a social riding association of Freemasons. We are not territorial, We do not claim territories or turf and we shall not condone any illegal or anti-social activities by any of our members. Our members shall always be expected to act in a way that reflects, preserves and promotes the values and tenants of Freemasonry.

Our club badge comprised of a picture of the Square and Compass, which is unique to Freemasons, denotes our personal fraternal affiliation to the craft, it also contains the picture of a motorcycle and Scottish thistle.

We also wear the Internationally trademarked ‘Widows Sons’ Logo as a proud member of the International Widows Sons Alliance.

We strive to be friends and on good terms with ALL other clubs and riders we share the road with. The wearing of a badge is a serious matter and we wear them appropriately. We understand there are clubs that have been around for many years and we respect them and realise we are able to enjoy our riding freedoms thanks to the many who have been ‘in the wind’ before us.

Our badge simply allows other clubs to know who we are and where we are from. In an effort to make sure all clubs understand our purpose we have contacted the NCOM and the COC to make them aware of our existence and our purpose.

We ask all our members to:-

  1. Wear their badge proudly and live by the principles and values of the craft.
  2. Adhere to and follow the bylaws of WSS.
  3. Always show respect for all other clubs and riders.
  4. Do not take sides or involve ourselves when it comes to other clubs politics.

Our members may also individually be members of MAG, HOG, AMA and other similar motorcycling associations, but regardless of other associations should always act according to the principles of the craft.

We come from all walks of life, including veterans of our Armed Forces. If any prospective members or other clubs have any questions or would like more information about the Widows Sons we encourage them to contact us directly.