The Branding

Widows Sons Scotland host the annual Branding Ceremony in the UK, where we have visitors from all over the UK, Europe, USA and many more who come for an unforgettable experience.

The Branding ideology originates from our Brothers in the U.S.A where the Branding is a very special event. Our founder Bro. Andy Rankin along with the founders and members adopted the concept of the Branding and put our own unique ‘Scottish’ twist into the ceremony.

The Branding Ceremony is hosted annually by Widows Sons Scotland in mid to late March, just as the cold harsh Scottish Winter is breaking for Spring. It is held in a very special location:-

This location is Duncarron Medieval Village

Once you step through the gates of this antient and impressive medieval site, you are in for a weekend you will never forget. It is here that members of the Widows Sons become Branded Members, A rite of passage that not all experience, and those that do, they will never forget. For those that do attend our Branding ceremony and brave the cold climate, camping in tents often in sub-zero temperatures overnight, to some this may sound harsh, miserable and unforgiving, but be assured the warmth of friendship and camaraderie amongst brothers will leave those that attend with an everlasting memory, many of whom come back year after year to witness their brothers in arms being ‘Branded’ a Widows Son.


The Branding Obligation, penned by one of our Founders, Bro. Angus Park, has been recited by many a Widows Son and will continue to be recited year after year as future generations of Widows Sons obtain the status of being a branded member. The Branding Directors and Committee, formed from the various chapters within Scotland are at the forefront of planning and organising this spectacular event and thanks to their efforts; the event always goes smoothly and safely and for this we owe our thanks to all those who have made this such a spectacular and memorable occasion.

The first Branding was held in 2014 with around 12 brothers in attendance and has grown at an exponential rate. In 2019 we held the largest branding to date with around 192 brothers in attendance where over 100 Widows Sons were branded on that evening,

Widows Sons Scotland – 2017 Branding @ Duncarron Medieval Village

If you would like more information on our Annual Branding Ceremony, please contact us.