Widows Sons Scotland produces and supplies various merchandise to our members and brothers throughout the world. Our merchandising officer works tirelessly identifying various products and badges which our members wear with pride and distinction.

Below is a small selection of items that are either in circulation or have been produced in the past and identify us as Widows Sons,

For members we have a selection of Patches, T Shirts, Hoodies and various other items. Please contact either the National merchandising officer, Chapter President or Vice President to discuss further.

Widows Sons Scotland Dress Tartan

Widows Sons Scotland Dress Tartan, registered within The Scottish Register of Tartans exclusively for Widows Sons – Our members wear this tartan commonly on the right shoulder of their waistcoats identifying them as members of WSS. We can also have this tartan made into Kilts, Trews, buffs/snoods and other items with the expressed permission of WSS. Contact Us for further details.

Widows Sons Club Patch


This is worn by members on the Left Shoulder who have qualified to wear the club patch. It consists of the Square & Compass with a motorcycle in the centre & a thistle

Widows Sons – Square or L-Patch

The Square or L-Patch is worn by member who have been branded a Widows Son at the Annual Branding Ceremony held by WSS

WSFF1 Patch

Raised A Freemason Patch

Forget Me Not Patch

Widows Sons Trademark Patch

This badge has now been discontinued, but can commonly found on the lower back of members waistcoats